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Resources for academic applications 


 Applying for academic positions - standing out on paper (STEM)


Academic CVs

 Craft your academic CV using three key principles (AHSS)


  Narrative CVs


  Make your faculty application stand out - CVs (STEM)


 CVs and Cover Letters for PhDs and Postdocs (pp. 20-49)


Cover letters

Academic cover letters for faculty positions


 CVs and Cover Letters for PhDs and Postdocs (pp. 72-75)


Research statements

 Research Statements part 1: when, why, what?


 Research Statements part 2: how to write one


Teaching statements

 CVs and Cover Letters for PhDs and Postdocs (pp. 44-45)

 Advice packet: Teaching Statements for PhDs and Postdocs


Diversity statements

Faculty positions (eg, lectureships, group leader) and some fellowships may ask you to include a diversity statement. You should first look at what the host institution you are applying to is doing regarding equality and diversity, as that will give you ideas on how to develop your statement.

  • Find out what equality and diversity work is already happening in your host department and more generally in your field.
  • Include relevant experience, which can include outreach and public engagement
  • Always specify your target audience

Resources including prompts to help you get started, how your contributions might be assessed, and some examples.


 Building your researcher online presence


Sources of jobs and funding

  • – for postdoc positions and fixed-term teaching positions and lectureships
  • The Recorder and Oxbridge college websites for Junior Research Fellowships.
  • – the University subscribes to this database of funding opportunities where you can sign up to receive alerts on funding opportunities for your career stage and discipline.

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