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Alumni Careers Connect is a network for University of Cambridge students, researchers and alumni. It can be used to view the career paths of hundreds of Cambridge alumni all around the world, and get in touch with them to ask for career-related advice.

This is a great way to find a knowledgeable mentor who can pass on their practical experience. Our Mentors can tell you how they got started in their career, what certain jobs are like, and how the sector they work in really ticks.

Seeing the employment history of each Mentor since they graduated can also be a source of inspiration. What did people with your degree go on to do next? You can browse our database to find alumni with specific experiences: recent PhDs, media professionals, alumni living in North America, engineers who graduated in 2018, and so on.

Join as a Mentor

Joining our global community of Mentors gives you a way to help Cambridge students find their feet in the world of work. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with the Cambridge alumni community.

Mentees will only be able to contact you via Alumni Careers Connect, unless you specify another method (email, telephone). They will be looking for advice and insights related to your career path, profession or organisation. If you’re undecided about becoming a Mentor, bear in mind that you can pause (or withdraw) your account at any time, as well as set a limit on the number of people you’re willing to support at any one time.

Your Mentor profile

Becoming a Mentor is easy - you only need to provide your @cam or Cambridge alumni email address  and some basic information to sign up. Once your profile is created, you can add information to it (including your current location, and your employment and education history).

The fastest way to add this information is to sync your profile with LinkedIn. This will copy information from your LinkedIn profile into Aluminate (the service we use to run Alumni Careers Connect). If you update your LinkedIn profile you will need to resync so that any changes are shown in Alumni Careers Connect.

To register on Alumni Careers Connect you must use an email address, or a Cambridge alumni email address: or