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The Creative Careers Festival is back! 

The annual highlight for creative industry careers – Creative Careers Festival 24 Jan – 11 Feb 2022. 

Three weeks of events, speakers and blogs from different areas of the Creative Industries.   

Launching Monday 24 January, the festival features live virtual Q&A sessions, panels and talks, Blogs and Videos  

Kick start your creative career

Covering:  FilmTheatre,  Media,  Science communicationsPublishingCreative writingCreative freelance careers,  Journalism and Marketing communications 

Alumni and other creative professionals will talk about their roles and how they gained experience.  They’ll provide invaluable tips and advice to start and build your creative career.  Use the interactive sessions to ask the panellists your questions too.   

Can’t make a live event?  No problem – we’ve  got blogs and YouTube videos so you can catch up when you can. 

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What's the programme of events?

Panels for the Creative Careers Festival 2022 

Click on the links for details of who is taking part in the panels, and for the Zoom link. 

Week 1 



Monday 24 Jan 




Theatre Careers Q&A  



Tuesday 25 Jan 




Creative Writing Panel  



Wednesday 26 Jan 




Media Interviews with Simon Hall  



Week 2 



Monday 31 Jan 




Publishing Panel 



Wednesday 2 Feb 




Marketing & Comms Panel  



Thursday 3 Feb 




Freelancing Panel  



Week 3 



Monday 7 Feb 




Journalist Panel  



Tuesday 8 Feb 



Film Careers Panel 



Wednesday 9 Feb 




The Naked Scientists reveal the art of podcasts, presenting and producing 


You can also find the list of events on our careers platform Handshake. Click here to access. Go to ‘Events’ and in the filter (top left) type in ‘Creative Careers Festival’ for a list of our specialist events.