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The Careers Service is the main point of contact for employers for recruitment-related events. We run careers fairs, employer presentations and networking events and skills sessions throughout the year.

Planning for the year ahead

  • Consider what the Careers Service already offers to avoid duplication.
  • Consider how your event complements the Careers Service current provision.
  • Aim to get in touch with us when your newly elected President/Committee is in place. We start planning for the next academic year in March. We recommend getting in touch with us at least 12 weeks before any planned collaboration.
  • Consider the objectives, aims and target audience for your event(s).
  • Whether or not there is scope for collaboration, it is helpful to share event schedules and dates to avoid event clashes.

Marketing events

  • Promote the event on Handshake
  • Agree a marketing schedule with the Careers Service
  • Include relevant logos on any advertising (e.g., the Careers logo and relevant SU Society logo) if the event is being run jointly.
  • Highlight that the event is jointly run in any marketing materials.
  • If reaching out to multiple alumni/guests, decide on consistent messaging for all.
  • Copy the Careers Service into communications.


Collaborating with the Careers Service

If you are collaborating with the service on an event or activity make sure you

  • Meet and agree on aims and expectations for your specific event.
  • Establish key tasks and responsibilities and who is responsible for them
  • Provide a clear point of contact within your society for event organisation.
  • Set a time frame to help plan the run-up to the event with appropriate deadlines for all actions.
  • Decide on a method to share event updates (e.g., alumni attendee confirmations or student booking numbers).