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Terms & conditions of advertising, attending and hosting events with Cambridge Careers Service 

Cambridge Careers Service will advertise careers-related events to students, including networking events, employer presentations and skills sessions, on Handshake, free of charge. All events and skills sessions specific to Cambridge should be requested via the request form on our website, and then posted via Handshake. All events are subject to screening by a member of the Careers Service team.

Cambridge Careers Service reserves the right to not advertise events which are not considered to be in the best interests of our students. These include but are not limited to events which:

  • Are not of graduate calibre
  • Do not comply with the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Do not provide a clear and detailed description of what they entail
  • Promote or endorse illegal activity
  • Require students to pay an upfront fee, deposit or advertise paid services
  • Require excessive amounts of personal data to be distributed by data subjects
  • Primarily offer the same services as those offered by the Cambridge Careers Service or are scheduled at a time that is inappropriate for students
  • Are not relevant to programmes and courses offered by the University of Cambridge
  • Take students outside of Cambridge during term-time (See term dates here)
  • Take place between 9am and noon in term-time as this may clash with lectures
  • Takes place during the examination period
  • Create a significant clash between events in the same industry/sector. We may be in contact to rearrange
  • Include employers who are not listed on Handshake with the University of Cambridge

Our students are heavily targeted. To ensure balance, organisations may post no more than 5 events per employer per term, including online events (exceptions may be granted to events relating to EDI, at the Careers Service’s discretion).


Events for Cambridge students and graduates only

All Cambridge-specific event bookings or requests, whether in person or virtual, must be made using the relevant request form on our website. Once the booking is agreed, the event can then be advertised via Handshake. Where a bespoke event is agreed, it is not confirmed until written confirmation is sent and, where appropriate, payment made. Submission of a booking request does not guarantee an event will be hosted or a space at our events. We seek to offer the most appropriate range of organisations for each event and therefore reserve the right to decline a booking request.

In-person Careers Fairs

We reserve the right to allocate organisations to whichever stand position or location is deemed appropriate by us.

At in-person careers fairs, due to space restrictions, organisations are only able to bring a maximum of two slim pull-up banners onto our premises unless otherwise stated in the fair instructions. Employers will be charged a penalty fee of £100 if their stand exceeds this.

Access to electrical points is not available.

Pop ups

Pop ups are available to Supporters only.

No food or drink is to be sold or given away due to contractual restrictions on site.
Use of loud hailers, excessive noise or disturbance on site is prohibited.
No leaflets should be fly-posted on site or attached to cycles/vehicles.
No parking is available on site.
There is no access to power points at the Sidgwick site.
A risk assessment must be provided a minimum of 7 days in advance.

Equipment/promotional material brought onto campus

Organisations are responsible for any equipment and/or promotional material brought onto campus, including any associated costs.

Organisations wishing to send materials and/or equipment can do so as below:

Fairs: Deliveries for the fair may only be made between the hours stipulated upon booking. All materials should be accompanied by a contractor or representative from the exhibiting company. We are unable to sign for material delivered by couriers or manage the receipt of any unaccompanied deliveries on the day of the fair.

Other events: Deliveries must be brought and removed by representatives on the day of the event. We are unable to sign for material delivered by couriers or manage the receipt of any unaccompanied deliveries on the day of the event.

All deliveries are the responsibility of the exhibiting organisation. Neither Cambridge Careers Service nor the University of Cambridge will accept liability for any losses, damage, costs or expenses incurred which may arise in respect to any property and/or equipment brought onto our premises, using our IT platforms, sent to events or left following the completion of an event.

Please arrange for all equipment and promotional material to be removed at the end of your event. For some events in the SSC where agreed, materials can be collected no later than noon the following day. See individual event terms on registering.

Student attendance and registration

All careers fairs, presentation and networking events, skills sessions and other on-campus events are open to Cambridge students and recent alumni only. Events are ticketed and students must register to attend in order to gain access.

Events held on-campus are open to Cambridge students only. If you are listing your attendance on your website or through other channels, please ensure that this is made clear to avoid disappointment

Employers wishing to advertise events elsewhere must ensure that registration instructions are correct and, where relevant, direct Cambridge students and alumni to Handshake to book.

Student attendance cannot be guaranteed.

Payment terms

Where a fee is levied for hosting or attending an event, payment is made either through the University of Cambridge online payment system or by invoice where online payment is not possible.


Invoices are issued once an event has been approved. Invoice payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. Invoices can be paid by BACS transfer or cheque. Payment must be received in advance of the event taking place. Cambridge Careers Service reserves the right to cancel any event for which payment hasn’t been made by this time.

E-payment: Careers Fairs

Payment is required in advance of the event taking place. Booking requests will not be approved until payment has been made. If your booking request is declined, we will refund you.

E-payment: Presentations in the Student Services Centre

Upon confirmation of your event date and room hire, e-payment is required within 2 working days. Booking requests will not be approved until payment has been made. Cambridge Careers Service reserves the right to cancel any event for which payment hasn’t been made by this time.


Cancellation policy and non-attendance

Notification of cancellation for events hosted by us must be provided in writing to

Organisations cancelling their place at a Careers Fair must provide more than one calendar month’s notice (except in the case of the Graduate Jobs Fair where the minimum is two weeks’ notice). Organisations cancelling their place at a Networking Event, Pop up event, Employer 1:1 booking or room hire in the Student Services Centre must provide a minimum of two weeks' notice. If less than the minimum notice is given, the organisation will be charged 100% of the total fee.  

Where there is not a charge for a careers fair, event or workshop, a fee of £100 +VAT will be applied to any non-attendance or cancellation where less than 2 weeks’ notice is given.

Organisations cancelling their room hire with Meet Cambridge, Cambridge University departments, societies and other services are subject to the terms and conditions of the individual booking agents.

Where we cancel an event for reasons within our control or significantly amend the event format from the originally advertised terms, organisations will be entitled to a full refund for any fees levied directly on the event itself.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. The University of Cambridge will not be liable for any compensation whatsoever should an event be cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or altered due to actions outside of our direct influence including, but not limited to industrial strike action, transportation delays or cancellations, adverse weather conditions, fire, flood, earthquake, elements of nature or Acts of God, pandemics, acts of war, terrorism, riots, malicious damage, civil disorders, rebellions or revolutions, strikes or lockouts, court orders, police orders, or third-party failure or non-performance.

Photography, recording and filming at events

We reserve the right to take photographs and video at events held on our premises. Photographs taken at these events may be used for marketing purposes by Cambridge Careers Service. By submitting a booking request/ attending an event on our premises organisations and their representatives are granting us permission to undertake photography and filming and use these images/videos in our marketing. Marketing materials may be used in both print and digital form and available to internal and external audiences. If you would like a photograph or video to be removed for any reason, please email and it will be removed within 15 working days of receiving your request.

Organisations wishing to film, record or photograph an event on our premises must request permission not less than 10 working days in advance to Permission is granted at the discretion of the Employer & Alumni Engagement Manager. Organisations should also seek audience permission for any filming or photography and outline what audience members need to do if they wish to be excluded.


Protests at events

The Careers Service will continue to allow peaceful protest at its events in line with the University’s policy on free speech. At in-person events, peaceful protest will be allowed provided it does not prevent students from accessing the fair and/or specific stands. Our team and University security will be available to ensure the safety of all attendees. For virtual fairs, we have created a number of early warning processes which should help us identify and mitigate potential disruption. We provide guidance for employers on how to minimise unwelcome interruptions in group sessions in our fair joining instructions. If an employer anticipates that their presence may be affected by protests, we ask them to inform us in advance of booking or attending an event.

Recruitment agencies and other third-party hosts

Recruitment firms acting on behalf of a client should preferably request access from the relevant employer to be added as contacts to their Handshake account, allowing them to post events and skills sessions on the employer’s behalf.

As per our vacancy policy, events that are held by recruitment agencies will be expected to be clear and transparent about the employers they are recruiting for.

Recruitment agencies and other third-party recruiters are not able to attend to careers fairs or host on campus events.

Direct recruiters will be given priority for all engagement with the Cambridge Careers Service.

University of Cambridge Societies

We welcome events run in collaboration with student societies that are registered with the Proctors or the Sports Department.

Student societies and sports clubs can post up to 5 events per term on Handshake provided they comply with this events policy.

For further information see How Societies and the Careers Service can work together.

Competitions, Games and Scholarships

Cambridge Careers Service will not include games and competitions as events on Handshake. If you would like to advertise a game or competition to Cambridge students and alumni, please email with a summary of the activity of no more than 200 words for consideration for inclusion on our “Scholarships and Competitions” blog page.