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Our Employer & Alumni Engagement Team develop relationships with employers and is dedicated to helping you meet your recruitment needs.

To contact the team, please email

Eliza Welsford, Employer & Alumni Engagement Manager

As head of the Employer & Alumni Engagement Team, Eliza is responsible for the strategic leadership, development and delivery of all employer-related activities which includes job opportunities, experiential learning and employer events. She is constantly looking at ways to improve our services to employers and alumni to ensure that they meet the needs of the diverse range of organisations we work with.


Employer Engagement Coordinators

Our Employer Engagement Coordinators build, grow and maintain relationships with a variety of employers. Keeping abreast of news and developments across sectors, they can advise you on the most effective way to connect with the best and most relevant talent at Cambridge. Each Employer Engagement Coordinator works with organisations across all industries and is a part of a ‘school-based team’ where staff from across the Service come together to design and deliver a cohesive programme of activity for a particular sector.


Federica Rebucci, Employer Engagement Coordinator

Federica is a member of the Arts & Humanities school team and coordinates the Creative Careers Festival and our Graduate Schemes & Internships Fair.

Jenni Thorley, Employer Engagement Coordinator

Jenni is a member of the STEM school team. Jenni organises the Tech Fair and coordinates the Tech Festival.

Natasha Forster, Employer Engagement Coordinator

Natasha is part of the Humanities & Social Sciences school team focusing on Banking, Finance, Consultancy, Law, Public and Third Sectors. She looks after the Law Fair, Barristers Fair and International Development & Charities Festival.

Nick Watt, Employer Engagement Coordinator

Nick is part of the STEM school team. He coordinates Life Sciences Careers week and organises the Life Sciences Fair. 

Pippa Ellis, Employer Engagement Coordinator

Pippa is a member of the Humanities & Social Sciences school team focusing on Banking, Finance, Consultancy, Law, Public and Third Sectors. She coordinates the Consultancy Fair, Banking & Finance Fair, Economics Fair and International Development & Charities Festival.

Sally Cox, Employer Engagement Coordinator

Sally is a member of the STEM school team. She organises the Green Careers Festival and fair, the Engineering Fair and Maths and Quantitative Finance Fair.


Employer Enquiry Assistants

Our Employer Enquiry Assistants look after the vacancy and events boards and data to ensure our students have access to relevant paid work opportunities and experiences.

Sam Brown
Employer Enquiry Assistant

Sophie Fletcher
Vacancies Assistant