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Fair Use policy

  • At particular times of the year, the Careers Service is very busy and it is unlikely that we will be able to offer you multiple appointments in a short time frame. Our aim is to support as many students as we can, therefore we may need to limit client’s ability to book appointments where instances of high usage occur.
  • We aim to enable as many students as possible to meet a Careers Consultant within a reasonable period of time
  • In order to be fair to our many users we limit any user to three contacts with a Careers Consultant in any four week period.
  • In order to make the best use of your time and that of the Careers Consultant please ensure you have reviewed our website and Handshake Resources for information provided online that will help you.


Online appointments policy

The Careers Service endeavours to provides online appointments of a high enough quality for both clients and advisers to operate productively for the duration of the discussion. Very occasionally students or graduates may experience difficulties in a discussion because of the technology they are using (eg wifi connectivity, microphone capability) or because of very intrusive background noise in the location being used. This is particularly the case when for example in using a noisy café the client won’t hear the noise as intrusively as an adviser. Earbuds can exclude extraneous noise for the client whilst the microphone is transmitting it to the adviser. If the quality degrades sufficiently to make the discussion untenable for the Career Consultant they will:

  1. Make clear the difficulties being encountered.
  2. Offer an alternative time with them the same day, or one that is shortly forthcoming, if one is available.
  3. Refer the client to the Careers Service Enquiries Team to find a slot that can be booked ahead with another adviser so that the client is not disadvantaged by having to find a slot at a particularly busy time.
  4. Refer the client to the Enquiries team for alternative resources or help which may act as a help in the interim
  5. Remind the client that its in their best interests, and their responsibility, to find a better location for any subsequent appointments.