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Targeted emails are a great way to promote your organisation, opportunities, or event to a specific group of students or recent alumni.

Targeted emails are for organisations who want to ensure messages reach the most targeted audience possible.

You can target by:

  • Industry Interest*
  • Year of study*
  • Course group


Events/vacancies promoted should be listed on Handshake. Please ensure you have posted your event/vacancy on Handshake before sending your targeted email request.

Targeted emails are only available to direct recruiters. They are not available to recruitment agencies or organisations advertising on behalf of a third party (unless written confirmation via email is provided from the direct employer).


Pricing structure

Up to 250 recipients £70 + VAT
251 - 500 £140 + VAT
501 - 750 £210 + VAT
751 - 1000 £290 + VAT
1001 - 1250 £360 + VAT
1251 - 1500 £430 + VAT
1501 – 2000 £500 + VAT



  1. Complete the targeted email request form
  2. We will provide a quote based on your selected search criteria.
  3. In consultation with you, we can amend the quote to meet your budget and finalise your target audience.
  4. We will send an epayment link to pay for your targeted email. Once payment has been received, your targeted email will be scheduled.

Submit a Targeted Email Request Form  



How many students will my email reach?

Students must opt-in to receive targeted emails by selecting their industry interest. Therefore, numbers constantly fluctuate throughout the year. The maximum number of students we will send a targeted email to is 2000.


How long does it take to process a request?

It can take up to 72 hours from finalising your quote to sending the email. Due to high demand, we encourage employers to submit targeted email requests at least 10 working days in advance to allow sufficient time to schedule the email. If requests come in later than 10 working days, we may not always be able to process the request in time.


How do I pay for a targeted email?

All targeted emails should be paid in advance by epayment. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to raise an invoice which can be paid within our minimum terms of payment.


Can I send an email in another language?

No, all email must be sent in English but you can provide a foreign language translation.