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Almost every academic job description you see includes attracting external research funding; it is asked about constantly at interviews, and it can even be a condition for passing your probation or securing promotion. Even if you have not needed external funding so far in your academic career, you must be aware of what it takes to win grants in your field.

AHSS research website

The best source of advice about research funding is the website jointly set up by the School of Arts & Humanities and the School of the Humanities & Social Sciences. It includes specific advice for early career researchers, detailing schemes for which you are eligible and annual deadlines that you need to know about. Do not miss the downloadable funding booklet in the Research Resource Library.

Cambridge / Oxford college junior research fellowships (JRFs)

Our advice on applying to college research fellowships

See sample funding applications

If you would like to see samples of successful funding applications, your first port of call should be your department's Research Grant Administrator.

How can the Careers Service help?

  • Read the advice on the Early Career Blog about how to 'sell' your research: much of this is directly relevant to funding applications.
  • Many schemes require you to write for a non-specialist reader. In such cases, you can make an appointment to discuss your draft application with a Careers Adviser, and also discuss how securing funding would fit with your broader career plans.