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Join us for a series of events for PhDs and Postdocs to support you to explore what you want from your next career step.

A series of events for PhDs and Postdocs to support you to consider what you want from your next career step and to explore a wide range of career options. Careers Service workshops, employer sessions and our flagship networking event with former researchers who have transitioned to a wide range of roles outside of academic research will take place between April – June.  

What's On


18 June, 15:30 - 17:00: Translating academic and technical knowledge to industry recruitment

Are you a PhD student or Postdoc from a STEM field actively looking for your first full-time position in industry? Do you want to showcase your technical skills but are not sure of the right way to do so during the recruitment process?

Join Deepsea Technologies to help you translate your academic background to industry in order to secure a successful recruitment process.

We will run step-by-step through the process, share tips and insights, and identify aims and key takeaways at each step, as well as what you should consider from your side.

Attending this event will enable you to understand how the recruitment process for tech roles works, and learn the main takeaway of each step, know how to present yourself: showcase your background and succeed in the process, know what to look for: how to prepare and what to assess during the recruitment process


26 June, 15:30 - 17:00: Management Consultancy is for PhDs!

A growing number of management consulting firms now recognise the unique value that doctoral students can bring to solving clients’ most complex consulting challenges. Often, it is doctoral students’ problem-solving abilities, intellectual curiosity, and self-efficacy – rather than applicable industry or technical expertise – that are most sought after by recruiting firms. In turn, a growing number of doctoral students now recognise that consulting offers experiences and career paths in which accelerated professional development can be driven by one’s own interests and goals.

This relaxed and interactive session will be delivered by two consultants from Concerto Partners: Murray McKenzie and Russ Spargo. Murray joined in 2020 shortly after completing his PhD at UCL. Russ has worked as a network director, consultant, and coach.

In this session you will hear about:

  • Is there a management consultancy that is right for me? There are many types of consulting and consultancies, and the strengths and interests of PhDs can be applied well beyond the best-known firms. We will review your options, focusing on the advantages of boutique firms.
  • How do I find the right role? Accordingly, the post-PhD consultancy job search should involve much more than advertised roles and (post-)graduate schemes. We will share insights into the workings of consultancies that will help you identify and approach the right firms.
  • How do I position myself for recruitment? Your most attractive skills and experiences are likely to be both different from and more compelling than you what you imagine them to be. We will speak about how to position yourself in ways that are likely to resonate with potential employers in consulting.
  • How will I get my consulting career off to the right start? Consulting has the potential to provide rapid progression, intensely enjoyable work, and other advantages. We will conclude by speaking about what you should expect once you begin, and about how you can draw on your skills and experiences to make the most of the opportunities that come.

This event will be particularly useful if you …

Are either thinking of a role in consulting and if you believe that consultancies would not be interested in hiring people with a PhD!

Attending this event will enable you to …

Understand better about how many transferable skills you have to offer, how to approach your job search and find a role that will best suit you.


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