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Life Science students have a huge range of post-study options. From the lab to industrial research via finance, policy and consulting, your skills and knowledge are an asset in a diverse and changing landcape. But how to navigate the options? Join us for these events and gain ideas and inspiration for your next steps. 

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Live Events

Research in Industry Panel for Undergrads and Masters

Mon 30th Jan, 4.45-6.30pm

Thinking about using your scientific skills to contribute to research in pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare or life sciences? In this panel we invite Cambridge alumni from undergraduate and Masters courses to share their experience of getting into research in industry.

Roles Beyond Research in Life Science

Tue 31st Jan, 1-2pm.

Join our alumni panel to find out more about the types of non-research roles offered in the life sciences industries, what the work involves and they skills they use.

Academia to R&D in life science industries for PhDs & Postdocs

Tue 31st Jan, 4-5pm

Join our alumni panel to find out more about the types of R&D roles in a range of life sciences companies. Our guest panellists have experience in moving from a PhD or postdoc into R&D roles in 'wet' and 'dry' labs. You'll hear why they took their research skills to industry and what it's like day to day. This session will be interactive and you'll get a chance to post your questions in advance.

Meet the Recruiters

Mon 6th Feb, 2.30-3.45pm

Are you thinking about moving to a company in the Life Sciences sector but unsure what they are looking for? Company recruiters and hiring managers read most applications and sit in on interviews, so they are the experts we can ask. What do they see happening with candidates applying in this sector? Hear an unvarnished account of what works well, and what doesn’t, in applications and interviews from those who know.

NEW DATE: Mon 6th Feb, 4-7pm

The first University of Cambridge Life Sciences Careers Fair gives you the opportunity to meet organisations working across therapeutics, drug discovery, and reagents in the biomedical field in addition to those focusing on plant science, agriculture and healthcare. We'll also be welcoming organisations who provide services to life science-based firms.

You'll learn more about the variety of roles available in the life science sector, from hands-on lab roles to hands-off non-research roles.

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